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Public Attributes

ff2theora Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

ogg_int32_t aspect_denominator
ogg_int32_t aspect_numerator
int audio_bitrate
int audio_index
float audio_quality
ReSampleContext * audio_resample_ctx
int audiostream
int channels
AVFormatContext * context
int deinterlace
int disable_audio
int disable_video
double end_time
AVRational force_input_fps
double fps
double frame_aspect
int frame_bottomBand
int64_t frame_count
int frame_height
int frame_leftBand
int frame_rightBand
int frame_topBand
int frame_width
int frame_x_offset
int frame_y_offset
AVRational framerate_new
int ignore_non_utf8
int keyint
int max_size
size_t n_kate_streams
int no_upscaling
int picture_height
int picture_width
int pix_fmt
char pp_mode [255]
int preset
double pts_offset
int64_t sample_count
int sample_rate
int sharpness
double start_time
struct SwsContext * sws_colorspace_ctx
struct SwsContext * sws_scale_ctx
int sync
unsigned char uv_lut [256]
int uv_lut_used
int vhook
int video_bitrate
double video_bright
double video_contr
double video_gamma
int video_index
int video_quality
double video_satur
unsigned char y_lut [256]
int y_lut_used

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file ffmpeg2theora.h.

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